Avatar LEGION System


Automation 2.0

Automation. Oversight. Efficiency. Operationalization. All essential components of any system meant to harness and control large-scale operations. In today’s highly globalized, competitive marketplace, these types of situations are getting messier and more complex. Often, there are too many moving parts to automate in any cost-efficient way. For governments, security firms, and manufacturers, this can disrupt workflow mechanisms, magnify potential losses, and lead to broken or disrupted processes.

The Avatar LEGION system changes that.

The Avatar LEGION system uses networks of highly mobile, flexible, affordable robots to bring structure to uncontrolled situations. It’s the next generation of automation, bringing unrivaled efficiency gains to security, government  and industrial sites. By harnessing the power of hyper-efficient robotics technology and applying it to human situations in real-time, the Avatar LEGION system brings automation where it’s never gone before.

Bringing Automation to Human Environments

Complex, dynamic environments – government security complexes and ports, shipping yards, consumer spaces, industrial installations – often defy automation. No static assembly line will ever be able to harness, control, and rectify efficiency losses in these scenarios.

The Avatar LEGION system represents a revolutionary leap forward in automation technology, a leap that allows these complex scenarios to be truly operationalized for the first time. Put simply, it’s a way to bring automation to dynamic human environments, expanding precision-level management beyond the assembly line and into dynamic, real-world situations.

In situations where inefficiencies crowd out productivity and multiply potential losses, the Avatar LEGION system can bring order to the chaos. By integrating autonomous robots across a large area and running them through sophisticated automation software and comprehensive server networks, the Avatar LEGION system can bring massive efficiency gains to non-automatable, error-prone situations.

Next Generation Automation, Customized for Your Needs

Networks of robots, a robust and adaptable software platform, and a dynamic, high-speed wireless control system. Together, these components form a brand new, extraordinarily powerful automation platform. Highly-mobile, ultra-flexible robots can perform tasks, at both the macro and micro-levels, that used to be too complex, too variable, or too unwieldy for typical automation processes. In doing so, the Avatar LEGION system enables a blanket of total control over a large area, empowering users with a level of oversight and knowledge never before seen in large-scale environments.

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We offer:

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