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Avatar Robot

The Avatar® Robot

The AVATAR® is a rugged, easy-to-use tactical robot that enhances the capabilities of law enforcement and first-responders by allowing them to safely and quickly inspect dangerous situations. SWAT and tactical teams from around the world are using the AVATAR - and with its market-beating affordability, so can you. The AVATAR® is completely customizable with plug-and-play payload bays, allowing users to build the robot to fit their needs. Visit the pages under the products tab for recommend builds for different use cases (Tactical, Hazmat, EOD) and the list of available accessories.

Drive Camera

Front-mounted drive camera provides a focused viewing angle for easy navigation.

Built-In IR Light

Enables night vision capability that can be toggled on and off by the user.

High-Intensity Front Headlight

100-lumen brightness helps illuminate dark areas and objects of interest.

360 Degree PTZ Camera

Allows you to survey an area and zoom in (up to 100x) on objects of interest. Our most popular accessory.

Front Articulated Flippers

Moveable flippers for self-righting the robot, climbing up stairs, and navigating over obstacles.

Rear Stabilizing Flippers

Locked in place for increased stability and traction when moving at high speeds, climbing stairs, or towing objects.

Two-Way Audio

Front mounted speaker allows the operator to communicate remotely with subjects.

Patented "Toe-in-Track" Design

Features a patented "Toe-in-Track" design that utilizes slightly off-parallel tracks for improved maneuverability, handling, and durability. The unit's "closed-track" mechanism is highly jam-resistant and prevents debris from entering the gearbox.

Easy-Open Battery Bay

Easy-open latch for quick start-up and battery removal.

Durable Monostructure Composite Chassis

Rugged, specially-developed composite chassis is highly shock, drop, and water resistant.

High-Powered Wi-Fi Radio

Powerful 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signal for increased operating range.

Powerful Drivetrain Motors

Reliable, brushless motors enable fast, fluid movement over rugged terrain.

Payload Expansion Bay

For “Plug And Play” use of additional accessories and payloads.