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AVATAR Deployments

AVATAR® robots are being used by hundreds of SWAT and tactical teams throughout the United States, and they are changing the way that law enforcement officials engage dangerous situations.

Check out a map of our AVATAR® deployments below (signified by a red icon). Hover over the black “RX gear” icons to see what our customers have to say about RoboteX® and the benefits of the AVATAR® robot.


Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Special Enforcement Bureau

"My team has used the AVATAR on actual operations with excellent results. The AVATAR robot allowed my team to search for a barricaded suspect, who shot at us several times, without having to place my teammates into harm’s way. When it came time to make an entry, the AVATAR robot provided constant video surveillance of several closed doors, giving our team real time intelligence if the suspect emerged.

As the Team Leader in charge of the robotics/technology cadre, I can say that the RoboteX AVATAR has also proved to be our most reliable robot to date. The AVATAR robot is simple to operate and easy to control, and it proved to be a welcome addition to our overall capabilities."

- Sergeant Sean Burke, Team Leader for Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Special Enforcement Bureau

Des Moines Police Department

"You guys have made a superior product. We purchased a different robot a few years back, and we recently received the RoboteX AVATAR - wow, what a difference. It's a very easy robot to operate, and it's very easy to set up. It literally took me 5 minutes to set it up and get it running. A few minutes of driving it around the office and I felt like a pro. Officers are easily trained on it, so you don't have to have someone "specially" trained as a robot operator. Anyone can operate it. All this, and it was 1/6 of the cost of other robots.

In addition, one of the biggest "pro's" of this product is the outstanding customer service you guys provide. Again, I would like to thank you for making an excellent product."

- Michael R. Moody, Metro SWAT/STAR Unit, Des Moines Police Dept., Des Moines, Iowa

Saint Paul Police Department

"On one callout, from behind a point of cover, our team was able to literally throw the robot nearly 20 feet into the interior of the home. The AVATAR worked flawlessly and immediately identified multiple long guns in the hallway of the home. The AVATAR navigated the entire home and located the incapacitated subject. With this knowledge, our team was able to make entry into the home and secure the subject quickly.

The RoboteX AVATAR robot has been nothing short of amazing. The robot's superior mobility, in conjunction with its durability and video transmission technology, separates it from any other tool we have used to date. Bottom line, this thing is a game changer."

- Sergeant Troy Greene, Saint Paul Police Department SWAT Team, Saint Paul, Minnesota