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STEVENSVILLE, MD., Feb. 24, 2014— Federal Resources Supply Company and RoboteX have established an agreement to make available cost effective, capable robots for all first responders. by Kate Jones -Marketing Associate Federal Resources

RoboteX® has unveiled its highly-anticipated new robot – the AVATAR® III Security Robot. Building upon the advances made by the highly successful AVATAR® II Tactical Robot, the AVATAR® III Security Robot has been built from the ground-up to help augment the … Read More

RoboteX, Inc.® has announced the AVATAR® Robotic Operating System, or AVOS. AVOS provides a simple user interface to facilitate the easy operation of advanced robotic devices. Development on AVOS is complete. Above all, AVOS will ensure that the AVATAR® II … Read More

RoboteX, Inc.® has revealed that it is running a brand-new full page advertisement in the upcoming Spring 2012 issue of the Tactical Edge Magazine, the official publication of the National Tactical Officers Association. The full-page, full-color advertisement will feature the recently … Read More

RoboteX, Inc.® is preparing to launch its newest product – the AVATAR® Manipulator Arm. Developed alongside the brand-new AVATAR® II robot, the AVATAR® Manipulator Arm will be the most affordable, most intuitive robotic arm on the market. With a projected … Read More

RoboteX, Inc.®, maker of the popular and widely used AVATAR® robot, has announced its 2012 Trade Show Calendar. RoboteX will attend dozens of trade shows across the country in order to give as many departments as possible hands-on experience with … Read More

RoboteX, Inc.® has formally unveiled the AVATAR® II robot, the latest addition to the popular AVATAR® line of robots. Built from the ground up for reliability, ease-of-use, and tactical flexibility, the AVATAR® II robot represents a significant step forward from previous generations of … Read More