Avatar III Security Robot

Physical Security, Done Remotely

Allow your best guard to be on-site in seconds – from hundreds of miles away – with the Avatar III Security Robot. Security personnel can use Avatar III Security Robots to inspect multiple incidents, conduct simultaneous patrols, and communicate remotely with subjects of interest.

1) Augmented Security

Avatar III Security Robots can significantly augment your existing security capabilities. Robots stationed around an area can be activated at a moment’s notice to inspect a situation of interest – significantly reducing incident response times in the process.

2) Long Range Surveillance

Avatar III Security Robots can be used hundreds of miles away from a central Security Operations Center – they run through your existing Wi-Fi network and recharge at remote docking stations that plug into existing power outlets.

3) Easy Setup

Control software installs on a PC or Mac and uses a handheld controller to provide on-site, ad-hoc robot control over existing Wi-Fi networks. Just unpack the robot and start patrolling through your existing security infrastructure.

4) Wireless Patrols

Wireless, real-time video and two-way audio feeds allow the robot to act as a mobile camera platform, public announcement system, and remote communication tool.

5) Cost Savings Potential

Groups of Avatar III Security Robots can provide coverage for cents-on-the-dollar when compared to traditional security deployments.

6) Custom, Hassle-Free Integration

Each Avatar III Security Robot comes with 100% “flipper-to-flipper” hardware coverage and free technical support. We also make customization and integration simple. We work with a network of integrators to make sure each Avatar III Security Robot deployment meets your unique security needs and works with your existing infrastructure.

7) All-terrain movement

Stair climbing ability, built-in IR night vision, and dock-connector charging work to ensure full range of movement for robot security patrols. The robot’s rugged track system also works almost anywhere – carpets, wet floors, rugged outdoor terrain, slick concrete.


Spec List


  • 360° Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) and IR cameras
  • Built-in Push-To-Talk functionality
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with remote-dock charging stations
  • Runs off existing Wi-Fi radio networks (2.4GHz spectrum)
  • Range extends over hundreds of miles, depending on network configuration
  • Physical Dimensions: 24.41 in x 15.35 in x 6.14 in
  • Snag-resistant track system, durable composite chassis, and reliable brushless motors
  • Control software requires PC or Mac with internet access
  • Lightweight and portable (weighs 25 lbs.)


  • Allow best personnel to have eyes on multiple areas at once.
  • Perform patrol routes, responds to alarms, and inspect incidents through manual control from a central location.
  • Provide security coverage for cents-on-the-dollar when compared to existing coverage methods.
  • Ensure prolonged runtime with plug-and-play charging stations and multi-unit deployments.
  • Navigate varied ground surfaces and climb up most standard sets of stairs.
  • Facilitate communication with people through the robot’s built-in two-way audio.
  • Move and control robot through existing Wi-Fi networks.
  • Easily install charging stations near standard electrical outlets.
  • Install/configure robot control software on a standard PC or Mac.

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