AVATAR® Robots + Police K9s

Working Together to Keep Our First Responders Safe

The RoboteX® AVATAR® Tactical Robot represents a revolutionary new way for Police K9 Teams to augment their abilities and clear dangerous locations. Robots and K9’s can work side by side to clear an area, allowing the first responders onsite to leverage each’s unique strengths. K9’s can be trained to become quickly acclimated to the AVATAR® III robot’s presence, and the two can be used side-by-side in operation to give first responders increased visibility and detection capabilities.


  • Use robot’s video cameras to clear an area before a K9 enters
  • Use robot’s cameras to track K9 as it clears a room – allowing you to see what the dog sees
  • Communicate with any subjects the K9 may encounter via the robot’s two-way audio communication
  • Use the robot’s built-in, high-powered LED lights to track K9’s in the dark
  • Give commands to K9 through robot’s speakers