Testimonials from Real AVATAR® Users

Sergeant Knight, SWAT Team

Oakland Police Department - Rodeo, CA

We lost several officers a couple of years ago, and having a robot would have given us another tool so we [could know if] the armed suspect was in there…I’m almost 100% sure that the deaths wouldn’t have happened if we had this robot.

Lt. Michael Jones, Tactical Commander

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department - Lincoln, CA

The AVATAR® provides another layer of safety by allowing us to gain additional intelligence.

Officer Mark Fuston, SWAT Team

Sonoma County Sheriff's Department - Yorkville, CA

The robot assisted us in clearing obstacles prior to our team actually clearing them, thereby decreasing our chances of getting shot. I was also amazed at how the robot climbed the staircase with ease.

Travis Ballew, SWAT Team

Texas Rangers - Comanche, TX

The robot is a great piece of equipment that all SWAT teams could benefit from.

Mike Fumagalli, Tactical Operations Unit

St Louis County Police Department - Granite City, IL

The AVATAR® has been essential in helping us locate and communicate with suspects in our call-outs.

Johnny Quinones, SWAT Team

Chicago Police Department - Monee Township, IL

Its a very easy robot to operate and its very easy to set up. It literally took me 5 minutes to set it up and get it running.

Troy Dupuy, SWAT Team

Houston Police Department - Houston, TX

It really is a great tool for gathering intelligence before and during covert clearings.

Joe Soares

Newark Police Department - Staten Island, NY

The fact that it climbs stairs gives us an advantage and the ability to continue the search with added safety.

Lieutenant Tom Weeks

Corona Police Department - Corona, CA

The AVATAR® has provided our team with numerous options in our deploying tactics.

Sergeant Ryan Landry

Wayne County Sheriff's Office - Willis, MI

The units control, speed, and mobility are exceptional.

Raul Robles

Laredo Police Department - Encinal, TX

We’ve taken it everywhere we’ve deployed, and it’s comforting to know we have this well-engineered tool.

Lieutenant Jim Lemmom, SWAT Commander

San Leandro Police Department - Moss Landing, CA

The feature that has really stood out has been the customer service we have received.

Lt. Mike Hernandez, SWAT Team

San Angelo Police Department - Eden, TX

I have to say that my team was quite impressed with the AVATAR®. We definitely put the robot through the ringer.

Officer Chris Peart

Brentwood Police Department - Twain Harte, CA

The robot [is] easy to operate and move around diverse terrain, [and it has] two-way audio and night vision capabilities.

Sgt Joseph F. Cullen

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office - Williamstown, NY

Commands were given via the robot’s audio, and the subject surrendered without incident.

Officer John Loe, Strategic Response Team

Springfield Police Department - Springfield, MO

The Avatar Micro is vastly superior to any robot in our inventory.

Sergeant Bill Smith

Gresham Police Department - Troutdale, OR

I just want to thank everyone at RoboteX® for making a priceless piece of equipment that will help us accomplish our mission.

Napa Police Department, CA

Napa, CA

The SWAT team was requested for a search warrant service of a suspect who was responsible for several home invasion robberies where guns were stolen. The suspect was a known violent offender and a gangster. During the service of the search warrant, the AVATAR® cleared a majority of the house making it safer for SWAT operators to make entry. They were able to see what the interior of the residence looked like and check for threats. This was the first official use of the AVATAR®, the entire team was very impressed with the capabilities and felt that it made the entry much safer, with less unknowns.

Niles Police Department, IL

Niles, IL

The AVATAR® was deployed by hand through a first story/level window. It sustained an approximate fall of about four feet, but was able to right itself and continue the mission without interruption. A search of the premise was conducted by the robot. I was able to clear the premise and locate the offender in his bedroom. Initial contact was made with the robot using its two-way audio capability. This particular mission presented several challenges such as navigating over and around our cords from the throw phone, a hallways that had a carpet runner all bunched up, and broken glass and wood debris.

Waco Police Department, TX

Waco, TX

We received the AVATAR® on Friday, August 16th. At 0500 on August 20th, I received a call from the Field Commander requesting SWAT assist the Patrol Division personnel who were investigating an aggravated robbery. The victim of the robbery stated that the suspects entered an apartment which was secured by the responding officers. After three individuals were removed from the apartment the AVATAR® was used to visually clear the apartment before SWAT Officers made entry. Using the Avatar to confirm what the individual from the apartment told officers reduced the man hours because the situation didn’t require a full SWAT call out. We were also able to clear the apartment before the Patrol officers working the shift went on overtime.

Murietta Police Department, CA

Murrieta, CA

We used the AVATAR® on a warrant service. The residents who exited the home told the SWAT team that another subject was inside the home sleeping in a closed bedroom. SWAT was unable to wake up the subject with the loud speakers, siren, and other traditional methods. The Avatar was used to enter the home and knock on the subject’s door. SWAT also used the AVATAR® to call the subject out. The subject did wake up and follow the AVATAR®‘s directions to exit the location with his hands up. He was taken into custody without incident. This was a great use of the AVATAR®.

Las Cruces Police Department, NM

Las Cruces, NM

SWAT was called out to an armed suicidal barricaded subject who was armed with a knife. The subject refused to exit his residence for over an hour so the AVATAR® was sent in to clear and locate the subject. On the video we could see the subject kick the robot several times. He then reached down to pick up the robot at which point the operator spoke through the microphone telling the subject that he would “shock” him if he picked the robot up. The subject was totally taken back by this and screamed then ran out of the room. The AVATAR® continued searching and located the subject sitting in a bedroom. Entry was finally made and the subject was taken into custody without incident, suffering a small self inflicted knife wound to his hand.

Los Angeles County Sheriff

Los Angeles, CA

The Special Enforcement Bureau responded to a barricaded suspect that shot a detective during the an investigation. The suspect was barricaded in his apartment and shot repeatedly out toward containment personnel from inside the structure. The suspect may of been wounded during the initial shooting with detectives and stated on the phone that he was bleeding out. The AVATAR® was used to search for the suspect in the event that he was unable to exit on his own and needed medical attention. The robot located the suspect in the rear corner of the structure and was shot at repeatedly. The robot was hit by the gunfire but continued to provide valuable video images to the tactical team. The robot video was able to pick up the suspect moving to the front of the location armed and provided critical real time information. The AVATAR® robot reduced the risk to tactical team members by providing important real-time information, video surveillance, and eliminated the need to place team members into the structure to search for the suspect. The RoboteX® AVATAR® robots have repeatedly proven themselves on countless deployments with SEB and are worth their weight in gold.

Sergeant Troy Greene, SWAT Team

Saint Paul Police Department - Saint Paul, MN

On one callout, from behind a point of cover, our team was able to literally throw the robot nearly 20 feet into the interior of the home. The AVATAR® worked flawlessly and immediately identified multiple long guns in the hallway of the home. The AVATAR® navigated the entire home and located the incapacitated subject. With this knowledge, our team was able to make entry into the home and secure the subject quickly.

The RoboteX® AVATAR® robot has been nothing short of amazing. The robot’s superior mobility, in conjunction with its durability and video transmission technology, separates it from any other tool we have used to date. Bottom line, this thing is a game changer.

Sergeant Sean Burke, Special Enforcement Bureau

Los Angeles Sheriff's Department - Los Angeles, CA

My team has used the AVATAR® on actual operations with excellent results. The AVATAR® robot allowed my team to search for a barricaded suspect, who shot at us several times, without having to place my teammates into harm’s way. When it came time to make an entry, the AVATAR® robot provided constant video surveillance of several closed doors, giving our team real time intelligence if the suspect emerged.

As the Team Leader in charge of the robotics/technology cadre, I can say that the RoboteX® AVATAR® has also proved to be our most reliable robot to date. The AVATAR® robot is simple to operate and easy to control, and it proved to be a welcome addition to our overall capabilities.

Michael R. Moody, Metro SWAT/STAR Unit

Des Moines Police Department - Des Moines, IA

You guys have made a superior product. We purchased a different robot a few years back, and we recently received the RoboteX® AVATAR® – wow, what a difference. It’s a very easy robot to operate, and it’s very easy to set up. It literally took me 5 minutes to set it up and get it running. A few minutes of driving it around the office and I felt like a pro. Officers are easily trained on it, so you don’t have to have someone “specially” trained as a robot operator. Anyone can operate it. All this, and it was 1/6 of the cost of other robots.

In addition, one of the biggest pros of this product is the outstanding customer service you guys provide. Again, I would like to thank you for making an excellent product.