RoboteX® Announces the Avatar® III Security Robot

New Robot Set to Revolutionize Security Industry

RoboteX® has unveiled its highly-anticipated new robot – the AVATAR® III Security Robot. Building upon the advances made by the highly successful AVATAR® II Tactical Robot, the AVATAR® III Security Robot has been built from the ground-up to help augment the capabilities of private and enterprise security officials. Sporting its signature white color, the AVATAR® III Security Robot system allows security personnel to deploy and control a network of camera-equipped robots and be on-site in seconds in the event of an incident. Robots can be controlled through standard Wi-Fi networks from hundreds of miles away, and they integrate seamlessly into existing security systems. The unit also allows for enhanced audio communication and decreased security patrol costs, providing coverage for cents-on-the-dollar when compared to existing security systems.

Features of the new robot include long-range Wi-Fi networking, easy operation via standard PC or Mac computers, remote battery charging stations, and a 360° PTZ Camera. Security personnel can use AVATAR® III Security Robots to inspect multiple incidents, conduct simultaneous patrols, and communicate remotely with subjects of interest. The AVATAR® III Security Robot also retains the rugged, all-terrain mobility of the original AVATAR® II. This allow security personnel to operate without fear of decreased mobility.

ABOUT ROBOTEX, INC. – Founded by alumni of PayPal and YouTube, RoboteX is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that is bringing a unique approach to the robotics market. RoboteX designs robots for safety and ease-of-use from the ground up, and the company works directly with end users to include capabilities that are relevant to real-world scenarios.

RoboteX develops their technology commercially – not through government research grants – which allows the company to develop versatile, low-cost, high-quality products. Their flagship models, the AVATAR® II and AVATAR® III, combine advanced functionality with unprecedented affordability and ease-of-use.

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