RoboteX® Launches a New Full-Page Advertisement in the NTOA Magazine


RoboteX, Inc.® has revealed that it is running a brand-new full page advertisement in the upcoming Spring 2012 issue of the Tactical Edge Magazine, the official publication of the National Tactical Officers Association. The full-page, full-color advertisement will feature the recently announced AVATAR® II robot, the latest addition to the popular AVATAR® line of robots.

The advertisement represents one of the first times the AVATAR® II has been shown off to the public. It highlights some of the major advancements that the AVATAR® II robot brings to the table – including built-in video and audio recording, secure Wi-Fi networking, a revamped touchscreen controller, and a market-beating base price.

ABOUT ROBOTEX, INC. – Founded by alumni of PayPal and YouTube, RoboteX is a Silicon Valley-based technology company that is bringing a unique approach to the robotics market. RoboteX designs robots for safety and ease-of-use from the ground up, and the company works directly with end users to include capabilities that are relevant to real-world scenarios.

RoboteX develops their technology commercially – not through government research grants – which allows the company to develop versatile, low-cost, high-quality products. Their flagship models, the AVATAR® II and AVATAR® III, combine advanced functionality with unprecedented affordability and ease-of-use.

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