Our Most Popular Package Includes the Following Accessories

AVATAR® Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera (PTZ) Accessory

The pan-tilt-zoom camera is a 360 color IR camera that allows the operator to survey an area and zoom in (up to 100x) on objects of interest. A protective roll bar keeps the cameras dome from getting scratched. The split screen function on the robot controller allows for monitoring two different directions at the same time, one with the robots drive camera and another with the PTZ.

Spare Robot Battery

The robot's battery lasts about 4-5 hours with normal use. The space robot battery is quickly and easily exchanged for a dead robot battery, giving the operator double the run time. It takes about the same time to recharge a battery that it takes to run one down, so there can be almost unlimited use.

High Angle Stabilizers

The high angle stabilizers attach to the back of the robot and allow it to climb up over steep inclines and tall objects.

AVATAR® Controller Charger Adapter Cable

The controller charger adapter cable enables the operator to charge the controller from a car outlet or a BB2590 robot battery.

Additional Add-Ons and Accessories

AVATAR® Manipulator Arm

The AVATAR® Manipulator Arm is a five-axis robotic arm, fitted with built-in camera that is easily mounted on the robot. The built-in camera can be viewed split screen with the robot's front drive camera, giving the operator two views of the gripper. It has a lift capacity of 8 lbs. at full reach and 12 lbs. in close.

AVATAR® Universal Shock Tube Initiator

The AVATAR® Universal Shock Tube Initiator can be mounted on the AVATAR® Manipulator Arm and the Extended Reach Manipulator Arm to give operators the ability to fire a recoilless percussion actuated non-electric disruptor from the robot controller, keeping them a safe distance away.

AVATAR® Gas and Radiation Detector Mount

The AVATAR® Gas and Radiation Detector Mount is an integrated mount that houses the MultiRAE Pro, MultiRAE, or MultiRAE Lite multi-threat monitor on top of the robot. The data is displayed on the controller's screen, giving the operator the ability to check readings from a distance. Detectors sold separately.

AVATAR® Tactical Deployment Backpack

The AVATAR® Tactical Deployment Backpack is a ruggedized, hard-shell backpack custom fitted for the robot and accessories. It has the ability to hold a robot, controller, chargers, batteries, and antenna. The backpack will hold the robot by itself or equipped with the manipulator arm, pan-tilt-zoom camera, or the gas and radiation detector mount.

AVATAR® Extended Manipulator Arm

With all the capabilities of the AVATAR® Manipulator Arm, the Extended Manipulator Arm has a longer reach and the capability to open knob handle doors.

AVATAR® Hitch and Trailer

The AVATAR® Hitch and Trailer is a flatbed trailer for towing cargo behind the robot. It has the ability to go up stairs, can pull 30 lbs. on flat ground, and can be detached remotely via the robot's controller.

External Controller Antenna

External antenna that allows the user to place the antenna away from the controller such as on the top or side of an armored unit or equipment for better reception.

AVATAR® Controller E-Z Sling

The AVATAR® Controller E-Z Sling is a custom-fitted strap that allows you to secure the controller around your neck for more comfortable handling during prolonged operational deployments. It also frees your hands if you need to switch equipment quickly.