Save Valuable Time, Especially a Case of a False Alarm

Now Hazmat Teams Can Send a Robot in to Inspect a Situation Before Having to Suit Up

The AVATAR® Gas and Radiation Detector Mount is an integrated mount that houses any detector in the MultiRAE family (MultiRAE Pro, MultiRAE, and MultiRAE Lite P2P wired versions only) on top of the AVATAR®. The data from the detector is then displayed on the controller’s screen.


  • Quickly and easily deployable.
  • Navigates various terrain including stairs, sand, clothing, grass, etc.
  • Saves time and money in the case of a false alarm.
  • Keeps first responders out of harm’s way by allowing them to check readings from a distance.

Recommended Packages

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  • AVATAR® Gas and Radiation Detector Mount
  • Spare Robot Battery